I just shared a nice indoor “Lucky” Bamboo plant in a nice cream colored vase with some asian floral designs done in red on it.  It’s very nice.

Before I received it, there was a good sized price label on the vase.  This left a very sticky area on the vase.
The “man of the house” tried cleaning and scrubbing for some time in order to get that sticky mess off.  Later when taking a break, he remembered that Pure Lemon Oil can remove lots of things like marker etc.. So he put one drop of the doTerra Lemon Oil on the vase where the sticky residue was and just gently rubbed it around with his fingers.  Within about 15 seconds it appeared all the sticky residue had been removed.  He wondered if it really had so he rinsed it under some water and found out that the only thing left was a lemon scent!

Lemon oil is great for removing a variety of things off surfaces.
Keep some on hand to use for a variety of situations.

By the way, he’s now thinking of keeping some of the Therapeutic Grade Lemon Oil in the garage for other sticky/greasy situations. He found it helps to get his hands clean after working on the car.  🙂

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