A great combo of oils to have on hand is Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint.

Here is a tip for each one. (more tips to follow in the days weeks to come)

LemonHelp for Laundry Neglect.
Lemon essential oil takes out ALL odor when you forget and leave your load of laundry in the washer way too long!

LavenderChase Away Stagnant Closet Air.
You know that smell. Fabrics of all variety, shoes for every occasion, plus a dirty clothes bin and no fresh air can only equal one thing…you need lavender essential oil.  Whether diffused, drizzled on earthen ware, or dripped on cotton balls, chase stagnancy away!

PeppermintCalm a Tempest.
Just one drop of peppermint oil can help alleviate occasional stomach upset. A must-have when traveling!


You can get an intro to Essential Oils kit for a great price featuring each of these oils at doTerra.

Watch for more tips using these three great Therapeutic Grade Essential oils coming soon!

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