Here are some more tips for these 3 great oils.

LemonTame Oozy, Sappy Trees.
Whether the sap is on your carpet, clothes or seeped into your skin, lemon oil is excellent for removing pine gum and tree sap.

PeppermintRestore Vitality in the Mouth.
When your breath is sharp and your mouth feels furry, peppermint oil with water (and lemon oil) creates a healthy, refreshing mouth rinse that leaves a lasting crisp, clean feeling.
(Hint: Use doTerra’s Peppermint oil beadlets for convenience and ease)

LavenderTake the Bite Out of It.
Insects, creepies and crawlies are not too fond of the smell of lavender. In fact, they hate it. If you forget to go the prevention route, lavender soothes occasional skin irritations.

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